Ferrer: Day-to-day Activists

Inputs & Insights

After presenting their strategic plan 21-25 Ferrer asked Both People & Comms for a communication plan to share this strategic plan with the whole organisation, taking into account: § Creating a few key messages and communicating them consistently § Utilizing all available channels and formats § Visibility and creativity §To give a response to two questions: How does the organisation intend to deliver long term value? How can the work of each employee impact the strategic objectives?

Strategy & Ideas

Both People & Comms proposes a communication campaign to share the basic pillars of the strategic plan with the whole organisation in order to initiate and create an internal movement that will enhance and wake up the activist spirit that the employees carry within them. All this, through their actual daily actions and featuring the company’s own employees, will be carried out by ambassadors of the campaign.

Output & Performance

  • The call-to-action video will be played on Ferrer’s intranet and on all office screens.
  • We propose posters with a powerful image featuring workers on physical and digital media in all offices.
  • Email campaigns to present the campaign and make a call to share the day-to-day actions of workers in Yammer.
  • We can create infographics in physical and digital formats with Ferrer’s purpose regarding its three strategic pillars.
  • We can facilitate co-creation of the manifesto in an online collaborative workshop with Ferrer employees. Also.
  • Video compilation of all the actions shared by workers showing their activism.
  • The online closing event of the first stage would consist of a round table, Ted talks, a quiz on activism, and Q&A.
  • We could also distribute badges with the campaign logo among the entire workforce.