TRAM. CSR Strategy aligned with the SDGs

Corporate Social Responsibility Plan to define the set of actions that will make it possible to fulfill the CSR commitments and materialize TRAM’s Sustainable Development goals.

Inputs & Insights

The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility Plan is to define the set of actions that will make it possible to fulfil the CSR commitments and materialise TRAM’s Sustainable Development goals in a transparent, equitable, responsible manner, to assess the economic costs of the actions, to plan their schedule and determine the procedure for measuring and evaluating the results.

Strategy & Ideas

Both People & Comms has collaborated in the design of the CSR strategy for TRAM and the alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations in order to achieve compliance by 2030. Both has also participated in the goal definition for the 7 strategic SDGs of the company.

Output & Performance

Design, writing, and layout of the TRAM CSR report, according to the GRI standards. Creation of graphics for the communication campaign. Advice on sustainability issues.