Summer connect 2021 – Adevinta

As every other summer, Adevinta holds it’s Summer Connect, a meeting with the entire company to explain how the company is going, strategy reviews, challenge reviews and generating engagement. Unlike other years, this one has had to be virtual and considers, among other aspects.

Inputs & Insights

  • Creating an “umbrella concept” for the entire event. ​
  • Guaranteeing 100% of the employee experience. ​
  • Sending a package related to the event to employee homes to reinforce the connection.​
  • The existence of a solidarity component. ​
  • Creating communication materials as well as event production.

Strategy & Ideas

Both People & Comms makes a proposal for a hybrid event that enhances participation, mixing a work part (focused on the business with the collaboration of the management team) and a fun part (with an activity that connects the set with the employees at home). All this presented by a Master of Ceremonies. 

Output & Performance

Results of the online event:​

  • Number of connections: 1.039 (92% participation).​
  • Chat Participation: 789 registrations and 306 comments.​
  • Contest Participation (fun part): 464 participants.​


Social Networks: Very good reception in the brand’s Social Networks. Publication at personal profiles + 200.000 impressions generated.​

Results of the general action evaluation survey (campaign and communication elements, activities, Gifts, dynamics, etc.): 8,5.​