Sóc enfermera – COIB

As part of celebrating international nurse daythe Official College of Nurses and Nurses of Barcelona (COIB) wants to carry out a campaign of gratitude to this group of professionalsThe campaign is aimed at all citizensand values the work of the nurses and their professionalism.

Inputs & Insights

The objective of this project is to help spread an image of nurses adjusted to reality, to publicise the services they offer and the value they bring to the health system and to society in general. In additionthe project aims to strengthen the feeling of belonging in the nursing communityas well as enhancing the emotional bond to the profession and combating topics that are often associated with the profession.

Strategy & Ideas

Both People & Comms proposes several communication actions that include:​

​Creative design of an audiovisual campaign​

  • Audiovisual spot​.
  • Radio spot​.
  • Adaptations for written formats (canvases and illuminated advertising targets)​.
  • Creativities for offline and online support​.

Design of a media campaign to disseminate the campaign, through its own channels as well as paid for or won ones , earned and paid, in audiovisual and graphic support, and in electronic, digital and written media.​

Output & Performance

  • Creation of the image of the campaign and the different communication materials.​
  • Relational plan with media and Kol’s.​
  • Proposal, management and coordination of spokespersons.