SEAT “Compliance”

Inputs & Insights

Both and SEAT are working together to create a corporate event aimed at all the company’s employees to communicate and promote the Volkswagen Group’s new Compliance strategy, focused on integrity, ethics and corporate transparency.

Strategy & Ideas

Under the slogan “Together for integrity” and using theatre as the main resource, Both was responsible for the conceptualisation, ideation and creation of the contents of 22 internal sessions which, over two weeks, toured the company’s 3 main spaces to reach its 14,000 workers.

Using football as a storyline, we were in charge of creating the scripts, theatrical direction, event coordination and the development of digital and audiovisual content to generate engagement and participation in the sessions, as well as in the previous and subsequent phases.

Output & Performance

  • 91% attendance at the event
  • 87% satisfaction and positive feedback
  • Creation of a gamified app
  • 22 face-to-face sessions
  • Presentation of the Compliance department and its key messages.
  • Special sessions for managers, including workshops to work on concrete action plans.