A great little gastronomic empire in Barcelona. The group includes the restaurants Sushifresh, Boko, Fish&Greens, TAKOTAKO and RAINBOWBOLLS) and just a year ago launched the first multi-order app on the market that allows you to order dishes from several restaurants in a single order. Both People & Comms is the brand’s communication partner, helping it to define a sustainable communication strategy, spreading its success story and entrepreneurship among the media, influencers and other target audiences.

Inputs & Insights

We have a very powerful success story, that of an entrepreneur, Sara Serantes, who has created an e-commerce and take away platform with the wind against her back and in a very competitive market. This story has worked very well in the media but now it is time to update it.

Strategy & Ideas

We use the current cliff-hanger of the reopening of restaurants to “get ourselves” on the agenda of the major media in Barcelona, so that they perceive and transmit the case of Freshperts as a successful business model, in a local key and linked to brand values such as innovation, honesty and responsibility. We will be the best example of resilience and the new normal.

Output & Performance

A success story of female entrepreneurship without the support of large investors.

  • Multi-order App: The most innovative and differential point of Freshperts is that it is the first and only company that today offers the possibility of combining orders from different kitchens (restaurants, restaurants, etc.).
  • Quality: Freshperts only works with the best quality products and only serves freshly prepared dishes, which is why it is committed to fresh and quality products. Unlike most other suppliers, where the product is already prepared beforehand.
  • Responsibility: In the whole process, from the selection of suppliers to the selection of the best products to the after-sales service, including