Caixa Escena

From Both People & Comms, we have managed to gather more than 100 experts, more than 1000 professors and tutors, and more than 45,000 alumni that participate in these learning spaces. These spaces unite culture and values using a complete approach for the development of children and young people, giving them the opportunity to come into contact with a cultural, linguistic, and education environment with the ambition of helping them to reflect and acquire new knowledge.

Inputs & Insights

  • CaixaEscena is a program of the social work project “la Caixa” that promotes theatrical practices in collaboration with educational centers. The intrinsic values that the theatre provides contribute towards the integral development of children and young people.
  • CaixaEscena organizes various activities directed by professionals from the world of theatre and uses both online and in-person activities throughout the program. These activities include weekend meetings for young people and meetings aimed exclusively at teachers and educators.
  • The CaixaEscena program is developed throughout Spain and in Both we are in charge of the organization and coordination of the CaixaEscena Meetings throughout the country. Additionally, we are responsible for the theatrical training meetings for teachers and educators that takes place in CaixaForum Barcelona.

Strategy & Ideas

We are in charge of the integral production of the CaixaEscena Meetings, which are held annually in all the autonomous communities.

We look for suitable spaces for this type of activity and coordinate the necessary technology and logistics. We look for the best suppliers, manage the registration, and welcome the participants. We cover whatever necessity is suggested and are on site to ensure that each Meeting runs smoothly.

Output & Performance

Desde Both. People & Comms. hemos conseguido reunir a más de 100 expertos, más de 1.000 profesores y tutores y a más de 45.000 alumnos que participan en estos espacios de aprendizaje que unen la cultura y los valores desde una aproximación completa a la formación de niños y jóvenes brindándoles la oportunidad de entrar en contacto con un entorno cultural, lingüístico y educativo con la ambición que les ayude a reflexionar y a adquirir nuevos conocimientos.