BASF , 150 anniversary. Creator Space Tour Barcelona.

A week of activities aimed at tackling one of the great challenges of the 21st century: responsible food consumption.

Inputs & Insights

BASF celebrated its 150th global anniversary in 6 cities: Shanghai, Mumbai, São Paulo, New York, Barcelona and Ludwigshafen. An anniversary is a good opportunity to associate the brand with culture and innovation as unique selling points.

Strategy & Ideas

At Both, we came up with content and organised the celebration in Barcelona, with a focus on sustainable food and cutting waste.

Output & Performance

A week of activities geared towards tackling one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century: responsible food consumption. The goal of this gathering was to act as a co-creation and innovation space, encouraging reflection and awareness of this challenge. To do so, Both developed and designed:

  • A 2-day open congress
  • An art installation
  • A 24-hour Creatathon with artists + markers/developers + businesspeople to come up with solutions to the challenges posed
  • A film night
  • A day of school activities
  • Various art activities