15 años TRAM

Inputs & Insights

TRAM Barcelona is a firm commitment to quality, safe, accessible, modern, eco-friendly public transport. With more than 250 people on staff, the organisation supports communication that raises the visibility and recognises the hard work of its employees to make it one of the mobility services users rate the highest.

Strategy & Ideas

For its 10th anniversary, TRAM Barcelona and Both came up with a communication campaign with two key elements: getting workers involved, on the one hand, and featuring Dani de la Orden, on the other.

Output & Performance

Through testimonials and contributions from employees, the filmmaker developed the script and production for the communication campaign representing the stories people have experienced on TRAM Barcelona over its 10 years of history.

To encourage employees to participate, at Both we organised work sessions to write the script and complemented the video by the Catalan director with a plan of internal activities to celebrate the anniversary.