Ferrer & Uriach

Inputs & Insights

Ferrer and Uriach are planning to return to the offices from September 2020. Both companies want their workers to experience a pleasant, stimulating and reassuring return through different communicative impacts

Strategy & Ideas

Both People & Comms. designs and executes the internal communication plan and campaign to cover the following objectives:

  • Creation of a powerful creative concept that acts as an umbrella for the campaign.
  • Development of all the creative pieces that make up the communication campaign.
  • Emotional approach to the return to the new normality. Connect with employees on an emotional level while providing them with all the necessary information.

Output & Performance

  • Clear and concise information for all employees.
  • Give key information on hygiene and safety measures in a clear and graphic way.
  • High participation of the department and key people involved in the back to work project.
  • Very well received by the employees.