Coses molt de gats campaign

Inputs & Insights

The CCVC, the body that manages the AIAC (Companion Animal Identification File), notes the low percentage of registered cats. Unlike dogs, which are mostly identified, cat owners do not perceive this service, which is also compulsory, as a necessity. The CCVC wants to run an awareness campaign to increase the number of cats registered with the AIAC.

Strategy & Ideas

Both ideas for a creative concept that appeals to cat owners, empathises with them and appeals to their responsibility under the criteria of responsible ownership. This is how the “Coses molt de gats” campaign was born, showing pet habits, behaviours and attitudes, completed with a “call to action” copy that calls to register the pet with the AIAC.

The campaign is based on the dissemination to the media of a study that sheds light on the insights of the campaign with the support of poster material, content on networks, dissemination agreements with public transport for the free broadcast of the campaign video, and a whole plan of direct actions to veterinary centres. The campaign in networks is complemented with the activation of instagrammer

Output & Performance

  • Campaign material (video, poster and leaflet) distributed to all veterinary centres in Catalonia.
  • 10,000 posters distributed in shops and public centres in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona.
  • 10 days of broadcasting of the video on all Mou TV (TMB) and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat screens.
  • Audience activation instagramers: 489,800 followers in 2 weeks.
  • More than 200,000 € PR Value in 10 days.