At Both. People & Comms. we provide high-impact training sessions tailor-designed for companies who believe that inspiring, developing and empowering talent is the best way to grow and become sector leaders.

To do so, we have a multidisciplinary team of internal and external consultants, experts in different areas of communication, who have the experience and passion necessary to help people reach their full potential.               

The format, contents and approach of the training sessions is dynamic, transformational and with high value added, as we believe in experience-based learning as a way to bring about change in individuals and organisations. The following training workshops are currently available in Spanish, Catalan and English, and can be adapted to the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

High-impact public speaking

Mastering the art of public speaking, from the strategic construction of the speech to developing skills and attitudes for effective presentations with impact that will allow the spokesperson to inspire, excite and influence their audience.

Media training

Discover the secrets of a successful relationship with the media and learn to create and take strategic advantage of every communication opportunity to bolster the brand’s public reputation and positioning. 

Purpose & Corporate storytelling

Find the purpose behind the organisation, what gets you out of bed each morning with the drive to make a difference.

And once you’ve found it, de-construct it collaboratively in a powerful storytelling.

Workshop for internal communication plan

Creating a place shared with company employees to draw out the keys to internal communication and develop an action plan.

Crisis communication

Understand how to prevent a crisis that could put your company, shareholders and image at risk, practice how to manage a crisis if it does happen and discover how to turn it into an opportunity to come out the other side even stronger.

Communication and Leadership

Discover and put into practice the keys to effective leadership with a positive impact on your audience.

Share the secrets to preparing not only what to say and how to say it but also the attitude used to communicate.

Personal branding

Analyse and become aware of your values, skills, knowledge and unique selling points on a personal and professional level.

Design a strategy that communicates your unique value and positions you as a thought leader in your area.

Employer branding

Become aware of the values, meaning and unique selling points a company has and projects as a brand.

Be able to design a strategy that communicates the brand’s personality and value proposition, boosting brand awareness, reputation and ability to attract talent.