Out Communication Services

At Both. People & Comms., we come up with strategic and creative concepts for events, as well as aligning them with a pre-existing theme. We curate contents, draft programmes, scout for speakers, sponsorship opportunities and artists. The goal is to boost engagement, also through co-creation workshops and activities, hackathons, creathons, motivational speeches, and interviews that, alongside the communication campaigns, raise awareness of the event.



Contents related to ideas, values, culture and inspiration to bring brands to their audience.

PR & Campaigns

Amplifying messages, generating news, word of mouth and innovative contents to have an impact and influence.

Creative events & Branded content

Personalised events and contents that build up the purpose of our brand and connect with our audience.

Strategy & Digital content

Strategic planning and in-house and influencer content for greater interaction and engagement with our users.

Reputation & Crisis communication

Preparing to protect our corporate image and reputation.